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"K.C.氏の故郷" (Mr. K.C.'s hometown)
8月6日(木)- 9日(日) 映像インスタレーション
8月7日(金)19:30- パフォーマンス(19:00開場)
8月8日(土)19:30- パフォーマンス(19:00開場)
8月9日(日)18:30- パフォーマンス(18:00開場)
場所 : gallery blanka
料金 : 前売り2500円、当日3000円(1ドリンク込み) *映像インスタレーションのみは無料
予約 : もしくは までメールをお願いします

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Mr. K. C. goes on walking for looking for his home. As he remembers his hometown, as he is sad.
I am looking for my place where I can go back too, but I realize that I do not be his home.
Let's go on a journey to the hometown where we will never been

 2015, Aug. Takashi Matsuyama's new performance and installation will be released at gallery blanka. This work is based on photo works and concept by young photograper, Kengo Chiba (Mr. K. C.).
 Mr. Kengo Chiba is taking photos with motif about story "Red Cocoon" by Kobo Abe. Takashi Matsuyama added new interpretation to his photo works, and created video installation, Takashi's performance will be held in the installation.
 Then, pub Matsuyama appeared in Takashi's performance "Episodes"(2013), the pub Matsuyama will appear in this performance again. Before and after performance, you can enjoy the installation with drinking.
 Takashi's performance and installation composed by video, music and body representation. Hope you visit and enjoy that.

"K.C.氏の故郷" (Mr. K.C.'s hometown)
8/6(Thu.)- 9(Sun.) video installation
8/7(Fri.)19:30- performance (19:00 open)
8/8(Sat.)19:30- performance (19:00 open)
8/9(Sun.)18:30- performance (18:00 open)
Hall : gallery blanka
Ticket : Advance 2,500yen、Door 3,000yen(with 1 drink) *Only video installation is free
Booking : Mail to or

Takashi Matsuyama official web site

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